“Stray Ghazal” in They Rise Like A Wave (Blue Oak Press, 2022)

“Afghan Girl at the Eatery on Ninth Avenue,” “Bahurupi or Polymorphous,” “Between Us” in Aaduna (2016)

“For Magic Flower in Amer Fort, Jaipur” in Unsplendid  (2015)

“Stray Ghazal” and “Herstories” in Muse India (Issue 60, Mar-Apr 2015)

“Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto” in British Council and Sampad’s Inspired By My Museum Anthology (2014)

“Clay Love” and “Insomnia” in Muse India  (Issue 30, Jul-Aug 2010)

“Vermillion” in Truth About the Fact, 2009

Cover photo of the page by Aman Ravi via unsplash