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“…Reading like a well-constructed puzzle that darts back and forth in time, this book challenges readers to have a crack at it”

Biblio: A Review of Books

“The complex plot laid out with lyrical writing makes it impossible for the readers to not lose themselves within the pages. From cross-dressing poets to gay social activists, the book is filled with characters that challenge and broaden the idea of gender expression of South Asian communities.”

Feminism in India

“Constructing the narrative primarily through a series of emails, Ghosal brings readers in with powerful concision.”

World Literature Today

“Debut novelists slated for 2017 that are already being spoken of highly include Prayaag Akbar’s Leila, George Saunders’ Lincoln in the Bardo, Tor Udall’s A Thousand Paper Birds, Torsa Ghoshal’s Open Couplets and Devi Yashodharan’s novel, Empire.”

Asian Age

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