As a teacher, I try to bring the insights I have gathered from experiencing education in two countries (India and US) to bear upon my course design. I started teaching in 2011, after I joined OSU, and have, ever since, continued to learn and evolve through my experiences in the classroom, the feedback of peers, and faculty observers. Workshops offered by the University Center for Advancement of  Teaching (UCAT) and the Digital Media Project on campus, in which I have voluntarily participated, have further prompted me to remain abreast of the ever-evolving pedagogic practices and learning technologies.

In Summer 2014, I attended the UCAT Course Design Institute, which helped me evaluate my priorities as an instructor. Facilitating a panel for UCAT’s Teaching Orientation, in August 2014, wherein we discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by international TAs  helped me situate my own experiences within the broader context of cross-cultural/transnational learning environments.

I also attended the Digital Media and Composition Institute (DMAC) in 2013 in order to acquaint myself with the various ways in which we can use digital media in humanities instruction. In summer 2014, I was involved in developing the online version of the First year writing program at OSU and in Fall 2014, I taught one of the first online sections of the First year writing program.

Courses Taught as a Graduate Teaching Associate in the English department at Ohio State University

Independent Instructor

  • English 110.01 (Au 2011, W 2012, Sp 2012): First Year Writing with a thematic interest in Desire and Ethnic Differences in Advertisements of Global Brands
  • English 1110.01 (Au 2012, Sp 2013): First Year Writing with a thematic interest in Storytelling Traditions and Communities
  • English 2367.04 (Au 2013): Technology and Science in the US Experience11084214_631526186982216_359878519326923394_o
  • English 2269 (Sp 2014): Digital Media Composing
  • English 1110.01 Online (Au 2014): Online First Year Writing; The Immigrant Experience in Literature
  • English/Comparative Studies 2264 (Su 2015): Introduction to Popular Culture with a focus on Selfies and histories of self-representation
  • English 2261 (Au 2015): Introduction to Fiction with the theme–Sensing Stories, Sensory Stories

Recitation Leader

  • English 2263 (Sp 2015): Introduction to Film
  • English 2291 (Sp 2016): Introduction to US literature 1865-present

Experiences as Teacher and Facilitator beyond the English Department

  • English Enrichment Tutor for the Summer Bridge Experience Program, organized by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at OSU (Su 2013)
  • Team Leader for Discovery Enrichment Program for Young Thinkers (DEPTH), a community service project in Columbus that inculcates habits of close reading and critical thinking among 3rd to 5th grade school students (Sp 2015)
  • Course Coordinator and Independent Instructor for the Samuel DuBois Cook Summer Academy, organized by
    jello brain
    A Jell-O Brain brought by one of the faculty presenters at the Humanities and Cognitive Sciences Institute.

    the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (Su 2015)

  • Team Leader for Humanities and Cognitive Sciences High School Summer Institute, which introduces a diverse group of 11th and 12th grade student scholars to a wide-range of interdisciplinary research (Su 2015, 2016)